join the movement | Each year, 10% of profits are contributed to education related causes for children around the globe. #ARTandIVY

Our Story

Artists around the world, throughout history, have always told the stories of their time, and communicated their perspectives on a canvas. The canvas might be an actual canvas or a wall, a stage, a video or audio recording, film, words, or music notes on paper.

Art and artists have been a critical part of various historical social movements. Through artistic expression, many artists provided a soundtrack to narrate the experiences of people trying to climb out of oppression to better circumstances.

Our present political, social, economic, and environmental climates provide no shortage of opportunities for artists to tell untold truths and to shed light on unseen injustices. 

The Creative Director of ART & IVY has traveled to communities around the globe and talked with people of all ages, many of whom are artists, who experience variations of systemic oppression.

The goal of ART & IVY is to create ongoing conversations, bringing diverse people together with collective consciousness to discuss social justice, activism, and creativity. ART & IVY is a place for creatives, and everyday people to come together and decide how our actions sustain or change the world around us.

ART lives. & IVY climbs.
By nature, it's going to rise...


We let the shirts be the canvas. #ArtandIvy

Each year, ten percent of the profits from shirt sales and events are contributed to an education related charitable cause for children.

Stay tuned for interviews, events, and other opportunities to connect with ART & IVY.